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Wacko Jacko Bites The Big Apple

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Wacko Jacko Bites The Big Apple

The Smoking Gun doesn't want to tell Michael Jackson how to spend his money, but we think the freaky singer's overpaying a bit for the rental of a swank Manhattan town house.

As first reported in The New York Observer, Jacko has signed a whopping $75,000-a-month lease for a six-story Upper East Side mansion (Mikey's in Gotham recording a new album and has leased the pad through November). The property, listed for sale at $12.75 million, is rather glitzy, according to this realtor's description (guest suite, billiard room, gym, roof patio, etc.).

TSG has redacted Jackson's street address since we don't want to encourage the kind of kooks, losers, and weirdos who flock to sister Janet. (1 page)

Speaking of talented performers, here's the letter country singer Randy Travis wrote to North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt to request a pardon for crimes he'd committed in his younger, more rambunctious, days. Travis received his pardon earlier this year (but TSG forgot to post this document back then). (1 page)