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"Cuddle Rage" Case Dropped By Prosecutors

Woman was busted for hitting beau who nixed snuggle


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Cuddling Dismissal

JANUARY 29--Prosecutors have declined to pursue a domestic abuse case against the Florida woman who was arrested last month for allegedly battering her live-in boyfriend after he refused to “cuddle” with her in bed.

In a Circuit Court filing, an assistant state attorney reported that a misdemeanor battery charge would not be filed against Shavonna Rumph, a 31-year-old KFC employee.

According to a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office report, Rumph got into a December 28 altercation in the Bradenton home she shares with Henry Price, her 33-year-old boyfriend. The couple had been drinking through the night, a deputy reported, when a dispute erupted “over Henry refusing to ‘cuddle’ with Shavonna when they went to bed.”

The ensuing argument, “turned physical when Shavonna grabbed Henry by the shirt, causing it to tear,” according to the report. “At one point during the argument Shavonna had picked up a kitchen knife as if she was going to use it to hurt or stab Henry.”

Rumph, pictured above, was subsequently arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery (she was released from custody after posting $250 bond).

A January 24 court filing does not detail why prosecutors declined to pursue a battery case against Rumph, whose rap sheet includes a prior criminal mischief collar.

Rumph was busted in April 2011 following a fight with Price. Investigators alleged that she flattened the tires of Price’s car and smashed the vehicle’s windows. She was also accused of breaking an apartment window while Price was on the phone dialing 911. Prosecutors declined to file charges against Rumph in that case. (2 pages)