Arizona Sheriff Releases Jared Loughner Reports

Suspect once arrested after turning up drunk at school

Jared Lee Loughner

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Loughner Vodka Report

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JANUARY 12--Arizona shooting suspect Jared Loughner was once arrested after showing up intoxicated one morning at his high school. He claimed to have “drank the alcohol because he was very upset as his father yelled at him,” according to a sheriff’s department report.

The document, seen here, was among a dozen Pima County Sheriff’s Department reports released today by investigators (the records memorialize assorted contacts cops have had with Loughner and his parents over the past several years). Of the four reports involving the accused killer, two detail arrests of Loughner.   

In May 2006, deputies were summoned to Mountain View High School by an assistant principal who reported that Loughner was in the school nurse’s office “currently under the influence of some type of intoxicant most likely Vodka.” Loughner, 17 at the time, was transported to a local hospital, where he told cops that he had consumed about 12 ounces of vodka over a seven-and-a-half hour period.

A deputy noted that nursing staff reported that Loughner “had stolen the alcohol from his father’s liquor cabinet.” When Loughner’s parents arrived at the hospital, the deputy informed them that the teen “was under Arrest for Consuming Alcohol.” The matter was subsequently handled in Pima County Juvenile Court.

Other incident reports released today included an October 2008 document detailing how Loughner walked into a Tucson precinct one afternoon to report that someone had placed his photograph on an online profile. Loughner told cops that he had Googled his name and the first result listed was to a page with a photo of him when he was 16.

He also reported that the PeekYou page included a link to a MySpace account that carried only the name “Jared” and a user handle of “screwupretard.” While that MySpace page remains online, it carries no photos, blog entries, or list of friends--though “Jared” claims to be a 32-year-old woman from upstate New York.

Loughner told an investigator that he sought to file a police report “because he was concerned about trying to get jobs and having employers pulled this up and see someone using his identity on their profile.”

A third report details Loughner’s September 2007 arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia. Loughner was a passenger in a friend’s van when it was pulled over in response to a suspicious vehicle call. A deputy, who reported smelling a strong odor of burnt marijuana emanating from the vehicle, first arrested the driver, Bryce Tierney, for possession of rolling papers, a pot pipe, and a marijuana roach.

When a second deputy asked if he had any contraband, Loughner said no. When the cop asked Loughner if he could search him, “He said he had a right to say no…he never stated no, he just advised me that he had the right to say no.” Loughner subsequently admitted that he had a glass marijuana pipe in a pocket.

In response to a deputy’s question about whether any other pot or paraphernalia was in the car, Loughner “stated no there was not as he had already smoked it, meaning him and the driver who was his friend.”

Another report chronicles a September 2004 incident at Loughner’s high school during which he reported that a fellow student had stuck him with some kind of needle. Loughner, 16 at the time, told a sheriff’s deputy that “as soon as he figured out that he was poked with a needle, he started to become pale, got dizzy, could not stand and had to be helped to a nurse’s office by another friend.”

After consulting with his parents, Loughner declined to pursue assault charges. But he did tell a deputy that his parents wanted the other student “tested to see if he has HIV or any other kind of diseases.” (10 pages)

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Too many guns, too easy access. Too many holes in the screening process. Join me, run for Congress, repeal the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and then support effective screening legislation. Fix this. For proposed Amendment resolution and subsequent regulation, see my web site. Best wishes, --Mike Barkley, Candidate for Congress
I may be missing something, but where's the Smoking Gun's copy of the police report for Loughner's shooting of Gifford?
Connect the dots or in this case the dates. Needle prick-2004-kid wants charges-parents want needle attacker tested for aids-2006 gets drunk-2007 drugs. Somebody may have been playing a nasty with this kid. They may have told him he had aids or would have aids-they may have done a mind screw over several years and then led him to believe it was the congresswoman. Maybe or maybe not. He was afraid of mind control. Magicians make people believe all kinds of things-charlie manson- others. Harasment and suggestion. It should at least be looked at with an open mind.
This is a result of failing mental health care and the apathy of people with the power to help not helping. At least he tried to kill a politician, the other people shouldn't have been hurt but yea, kill the politicians. Were do for revolt,
funny guy
Three words, "Fry the Bastard"
Protect and its finest. o ya its bushs fault..
So, the Pima County Sheriffs department has a history of Loughner's activity, which shows a pattern of a screwed-up teen living with an abusive father. But he goes on camera and says over and over Loughner's recent crime is because of Rush Limbaugh. This sheriff is just plain dishonest and behaved with great wrecklessness in his duties. He tainted the jury pool with his repeated rants and he gave the defense something to work with. For what? To score cheap political points? The Pima County sheriff is a piece of work!
lmao at "wrecklessness."