Bad Santa

Rowdy Rhode Island teen in holiday spirit bust

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JULY 25--Since we raved earlier this month about the marvelous mug shot of a thoughtful New Hampshire man, TSG Nation has responded by tipping us to a variety of similarly amusing recent booking photos (like this and this). Below you'll find another kooky new shot, this one snapped last month by Rhode Island cops. Seems that Anup Mohanty, 18, and some pals were noisily partying one evening near the Frenchtown School in East Greenwich when neighbors called the cops. When the fuzz arrived, Mohanty and another teenager ran off and hid in a bush, where they were quickly discovered. As she noted in her report, Officer Kerrie Mazur easily spotted Mohanty 'as a result of the red Santa suit he was wearing.' Sadly, it seems his hat was removed for the East Greenwich Police Department mug shot. Mohanty and some cronies were charged with possession of alcohol by a minor after police found a bottle of Champagne and a beer stash near the school's swingset. While the police report does not detail why Mohanty was dressed in Christmas finery, we'll guess it was connected to some kind of graduation-related festivities. Young Mohanty is scheduled for an August 5 District Court appearance. (3 pages)