Brotherly Love? Fuhgeddaboutit!

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Brotherly Love? Fuhgeddaboutit!

Barring a spectacular end-of-the-year rub out, the century's greatest Mafia hit will remain the 1957 barber shop slaying of Albert Anastasia, the mob's bloodthirsty "Mad Hatter."

With that in mind, The Smoking Gun presents this 1962 FBI memo we just got via a Freedom of Information Act request. The document records a clandestine FBI meeting with Anthony "Tough Tony" Anastasia, Albert's brother.

Seems that the late Tough Tony, who ran Brooklyn's waterfront rackets, believed his bro deserved to go. Albert, he explained, was a stone cold killer who earned his whacking. "I ate from the same table as Albert and came from the same womb but I know he killed many men and he deserved to die," declared Tough Tony.

Ouch! We're glad mama's not around to read this stuff. (5 pages)