Charge: Snoop Offered Teen Drugs To Get Naked

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Charge: Snoop Offered Teen Drugs To Get Naked

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AUGUST 11--Snoop Doggy Dogg, the auteur behind the hit video "Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style," enticed a 17-year-old girl (and her 18-year-old friend) to flash his camera by offering the young women marijuana and Ecstasy, according to a Florida sheriff's investigator. Snoop (real name: Calvin Broadus) allegedly tendered the "illegal narcotics" last February while he and the Girls Gone Wild crew were in New Orleans filming during Mardi Gras, according to the below affidavit sworn by Faith Bell, an investigator with the Bay County Sheriff's Office. The document was recently filed in connection with the ongoing criminal prosecution of Girls Gone Wild founder Joseph Francis, who is facing charges that he and some employees knowingly videotaped underage girls naked, possessed drugs like cocaine and Hydrocodone, and promoted prostitution while filming this spring in Panama City. The inclusion of Snoop's Mardi Gras hijinks in the Florida affidavit was apparently done to establish the firm's alleged pattern of using minors in its productions. Jaime Capdeboscq, who was 17 when filmed topless, is now suing Snoop, Francis, and Girls Gone Wild in federal court for improperly using her image (which, by the way, appears on the cover of the "Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style" DVD and video as well as in TV and Internet ads for the production. Capdeboscq and pal Whitni Candiotto--who's also suing--are pictured bookending Snoop as they flash the camera. In a recent court filing, Snoop contended that the women voluntarily exposed themselves and "voluntarily consumed alcohol and other intoxicants" during the filming. (8 pages)

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Why pick on Snoop? Guys have been using drugs to con teenage girls into getting naked since Jesus rode dinosaurs!