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Clearly Busted

Cops sometimes lose focus, but they always get their man

mug shot roundup

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MARCH 19--We're no photography critics, but the Kentucky cops who busted the man who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup may want to review the focusing section of their camera's instruction manual. Especially considering that the perp in question was collared for sexual abuse of a minor (it's always good to know what those guys look like).

A few other notes about this week's models: 1) The alleged pot-selling, gun-possessing pensioner on page #3 was busted Wednesday. He is 81 years old; 2) The wild-haired 17-year-old Texan on page #5 was popped Sunday for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He is also pictured in a mug shot showing him in a more relaxed state; and 3) The glamorous Chicago man, 22, on page #8 was collared Tuesday. (14 pages)