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A Clinton Tropical Getaway

Memos detail Bill and Hillary needs at swanky Caribbean resort

Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton

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A Clinton Tropical Getaway

JANUARY 10--In our continuing quest to publish the "riders" of politicians (like Dick Cheney, John Kerry, and Rudy Giuliani), here's how Bill and Hillary Clinton like to roll on vacation.

When the couple spent a long Easter weekend in 2006 at the swanky Goldeneye resort in Jamaica, hotel staff were provided these memos describing the Clinton dietary requirements, lodging details, and menus.

At the Goldeneye--which is where Ian Fleming wrote his James Bond books--the Clintons stayed in a $3000-a-night private house with friends (and fundraisers) Brian and Myra Greenspun. Along with a Secret Service detail, the Clintons also traveled with their respective right hands, Huma Abedin (Hillary) and Douglas Band (Bill). Abedin and Band bunked in a nearby three-bedroom villa.

While the former president purportedly favored granola with fruit for breakfast, it's hard to believe that he didn't tuck into some of that "Ackee and Saltfish with Johnny Cake." (6 pages)