Cops Nab Fake Gynecologist

Dallas fraud offered free breast exams, enemas, pap smears

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Cops Nab Fake Gynecologist

SEPTEMBER 30--Meet Thomas Remo.

The 50-year-old Texas sleazeball is facing felony charges for posing as a doctor and offering unsuspecting patients free gynecological services.

After busting Remo in an undercover sting, investigators are now trying to identify Dallas women who may have been victimized by Remo, who advertised his services--which included pap smears and "vaginal irrigation"--in a weekly newspaper.

Remo ran his scam, remarkably, from an office at a self-storage facility, where he greeted one female undercover agent wearing white pants and a "white medical scrub shirt," according to these creepy Dallas County Sheriff's Department reports. Remo completed the look by wearing a stethoscope around his neck.

Remo, who is being held without bond in a Dallas lockup, faces a maximum of ten years in prison if convicted of the medical charade. (4 pages)