Defrocked Dentist In Semen Suit

Eww!: Woman claims bodily fluid injected into her mouth

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Defrocked Dentist In Semen Suit

JUNE 10--A defrocked North Carolina dentist is being sued by a female patient who claims that he injected semen into her mouth and made her swallow it during an office visit.

According to a Mecklenburg County Superior Court complaint, Dr. John Hall used a syringe to administer the substance to the patient (identified only as RMW) during a May 2003 appointment. After complaining about the taste, the woman was told by Hall, "It was my cleaning solution."

As a result of that incident (and other similarly gross treatments), Hall last August was stripped of his medical license. Click here to read the formal charges brought last July against Hall by the state's Board of Dental Examiners. (7 pages)