Dispatches From The D.C. Courts

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Dispatches From The D.C. Courts

Mickey Mouse v. Donald Duck

Dispatches from Washington, D.C., the seat of government:

1) As poor Crystal Nelson tells it in her handwritten federal court complaint, "My 4th amendment was violated" when FBI agents raided her home "looking for a guy named Linwood." Crystal wants a paltry five grand because agents did "they jobs the wrong way." We're not sure what the government has to say about these allegations, since they've received two extensions to file a court response to Crystal's charges. (3 pages)

2) Another case on the docket of D.C.'s U.S. District Court pits one Mickey Mouse vs. defendant Donald Duck, as these pages from the court's computerized index show. Seems that Mickey filed suit against Donald on June 21 after paying a $150 filing fee. TSG's not sure if this is a clerk's idea of a joke, but if the case is real, don't bet against the Duck. (2 pages)