Fading Away (To Jail)

Man wearing Obama haircut busted on way to election night party

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Fading Away (To Jail)

NOVEMBER 5--Meet Ryan Blackwell.

The Tennessee man, 18, was arrested last night on a disorderly conduct rap, about an hour after his preferred candidate clinched the presidency.

While his mug shot offers a partial view of Blackwell's distinctive 'do, sheriff's deputies did not capture his entire cranial artwork. As seen in the photo at left, the right side of Blackwell's head features the Barack Obama campaign's "rising sun" logo.

In a TSG interview, Blackwell said he was busted on the campus of Austin Peay State University, where he went to meet friends for a campaign party. Blackwell said he was nabbed by Clarksville cops for blasting a Lil Wayne remix from the stereo in his 2002 Suzuki (he was participating in an impromptu street celebration after television networks projected Obama's presidential victory).

Blackwell was booked into the Montgomery County lockup on the misdemeanor charge and missed Obama's acceptance speech. After spending about six hours in custody, he posted $1000 bond and was released (and watched a replay of the speech when he got home).

Blackwell, who said he is planning on enlisting in the Army, took advantage of Tennessee's early voting program and cast his first presidential ballot last week. He added that this was his first arrest and that a barber friend charged only $5 for the fade. (1 page)