FBI Eyes X-Rated Memphis Belles

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FBI Eyes X-Rated Memphis Belles

In recognition of the Supreme Court decision striking down the Communications Decency Act as unconstitutional, The Smoking Gun offers this salacious gem, straight from an FBI file.

Seems that the bureau, in the course of some porno/obscenity investigation, sent a couple of agents into a Memphis theater to research the films "Two Into Two" and "The Magic Mirror." The intrepid gumshoes watched carefully, recording their detailed observations in this classic memo, which describes the action in wonderful bureauese. We love how the agents, per FBI style, capitalize the (fictitious) names of everyone in the films.

Please note that, as with some other documents posted here, the memo's redactions were done by the government agency which released the document. In this case, the FBI blacked out the names of its moviegoing agents.

The Smoking Gun does not censor any portion of our documents. (6 pages)