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How Low Can J. Lo Go?

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How Low Can J. Lo Go?

Even when Jennifer Lopez is doing a music video benefiting victims of both the recent terrorist attacks and the African AIDS epidemic, J. Lo is high maintenance.

Along with dozens of other performers, Lopez has participated in a charity remake of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On," and was at Miami's Big Time studio on October 20 to film her cameo in the accompanying music video. But before the shoot, Lopez's representatives gave the production crew this detailed "rider" describing what needed to be in place prior to the diva's arrival.

A copy of the document was provided to The Smoking Gun by two sources involved in the "What's Going On" production, both of whom thought Lopez's demands were a bit much considering the charitable nature of the project (proceeds will be split between the Global AIDS Alliance and the September 11th Fund of the United Way).

As it turned out, Lopez only spent about 90 minutes on the Miami soundstage, so that spread mentioned in the handwritten addendum went untouched, according to one TSG source. Also, Lopez had to settle for a greenish-colored couch, not the desired white one. Somehow, she survived. (2 pages)

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