Inmate Mandingo Tort A Lesson

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Inmate Mandingo Tort A Lesson

Normally, TSG avoids all crazy inmate lawsuits (you know, like the con who sues because the toilet paper is too rough). Well, we're making an exception for Texas jailbird David Joyner, who refers to himself as "Minister of Law of the Mandingo Warriors." Joyner recently filed a federal lawsuit against Penthouse charging that the magazine's December Paula Jones pictorial wasn't explicit enough. Poor Joyner, who felt deceived by a Penthouse cover line declaring that Jones "shows all," claimed to have suffered such "mental anguish" that he needed $3 million to soothe his aches. But in a marvelous pre-Christmas order of dismissal, Judge Sam Sparks proved rhyme does pay. (5 pages)

Forget this IT frenzy. If Jeff Bezos really wanted a good honkin' laugh, he'd visit here or here.

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