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J. Lo's No TSG Fan

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J. Lo's No TSG Fan

So, according to TV Guide, Jennifer Lopez "scoffs" at TSG.

Seems like she's angry at us for our recent report that the singer had a long list of demands presented before appearing to film a cameo in the "What's Going On" video (which is benefiting victims of both the September 11 terrorist attacks and the African AIDS epidemic).

Well, here's--again--the list of demands her representatives gave the production crew at Miami's Big Time studios--and which they largely fulfilled on October 20, when Lopez spent just 90 minutes at the sound stage.

Now that she's been ridiculed for the diva act, Lopez tries to disparage our little "Internet gossip pages." Nice try, sister. (2 pages)

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They all get the "Madonna complex" after a while. I wonder when the last time was that she went to a super market, or not have someone kiss her a$$ every 5 minutes, telling her how great she looks, or is ??!!