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Just Snap The Damn Picture!

Seems anger management not working for one arrestee

mug shot roundup

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Just Snap The Damn Picture!

FEBRUARY 26--The Tennessee gentleman who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup was arrested last Saturday for domestic assault. The perp, 42, was nabbed on the same charge last October and sentenced to a brief jail term and ordered to attend domestic abuse counseling. Which makes his recent t-shirt choice all the more troubling.

As for the remaining defendants, a few notes: 1) We're going to assume that a power outage caused Florida sheriff's deputies to break out their flashlight when booking the 26-year-old on page #2. That or they really wanted to know his whereabouts on the night of January 22; 2) As seen in the photo on page #3, every suspect looks better in a pair of sparkling teardrop earrings; and 3) That's a 27-year-old guy who was forced to show his unfortunate 'Bite Me' tattoo while being booked last Friday. Surprisingly, he does not have a matching tramp stamp. (14 pages)