Woman Arrested For Biting Spouse During Sex

Dental hygienist chomped on orthodontist hubby

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Key West Bite

MARCH 17--An Ohio woman vacationing with her husband in Florida was arrested after she bit him while they were having sex in a Key West hotel, police report.

Jennifer Rahe Hickman, a 42-year-old dental hygienist, was collared Sunday at the oceanfront Southernmost Beach Resort on a misdemeanor battery charge.

According to an arrest report, a hotel employee summoned police following a disturbance in one of the hotel’s rooms. When the worker called the room, “a male answered the phone crying.”

During police questioning, Hickman’s husband Eric, an orthodontist, said that the couple was “drinking alcoholic beverages” while sitting near the pool area when they “decided to go up to the room to have sex.”

While the couple was trysting, Eric said, his wife “placed her mouth on his left forearm and bit him using her teeth.” The biting, cops noted, had been preceded earlier by Jennifer yelling at her spouse and accusing him of “using her.”

A Key West Police Department officer observed that Eric, who declined medical attention, had a “bright mark, redness and bruising on the left forearm.”

Hickman, who appeared intoxicated, was subsequently arrested for battery. While in the rear of a patrol car, she repeatedly stated, “I’m going to fucking kill him” and “continued yelling and screaming the entire ride out to the jail.”

The arresting officer noted that when he sought to first question Hickman, “Jennifer’s son attempted to intervene by standing between me” and his mother. The report does not include the son’s age.

Hickman is pictured in the above mug shot and a photo from her 2016 wedding to Eric. (2 pages)