Lawsuit Number Two For Kravitz Loo

Insurance company seeks to collect for singer's toilet damages

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Lawsuit Number Two For Kravitz Leaky Loo

OCTOBER 26--Lenny Kravitz's leaky toilet has sprung another lawsuit. The rocker is being sued, for the second time, in connection with an overflow incident last August in his swanky Manhattan penthouse. In a New York State Supreme Court complaint filed Monday, Allstate Insurance contends that Kravitz owes it $9387, the amount the firm paid to policyholder Daniel Pelson for damage to his 4164-square-foot, third-floor loft (purchased in 2001 for about $2.5 million, Pelson's apartment sits a few floors below the star's Soho penthouse). Allstate charges that Kravitz is guilty of 'negligence and carelessness' for allowing the loo to become 'blocked, clogged, and congested.' Last October, the Kravitz commode triggered a lawsuit by an insurer that paid a $333,849 water damage claim from businessman Joel Disend, whose fourth-floor apartment is directly above Pelson's pad. That six-figure complaint is pending. (4 pages)