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Lewd Lipstick Larceny

Arkansas office vandal(s) leave their mark in red

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Lewd Lipstick Larceny

AUGUST 26--As if having her business robbed wasn't bad enough, the person or persons who broke into a small Arkansas medical employment agency also left a lewd message on the owner's desk--written in her own lipstick.

According to a Fort Smith Police Department report, Rebecca Davis, owner of Concept Professionals, arrived at work Friday morning to find her office had been vandalized and $8000 in computer software, a cell phone, some DVDs, and blank payroll checks had been stolen.

And written on her desktop a crude statement that should help cops narrow their search to at least one male perp.

The business's IT head, Sam Davis, told TSG that his mother, Rebecca, had left her red Mary Kay lipstick on the desk and that the other notes mentioned in the report were written in either the lipstick or ink but all stuck to the same theme as the one detailed by police here and shown in these evidence photos supplied to TSG by police. (5 pages)