Man Is Charged With A Salsa And Battery

Cops: Victim struck in back with glass Tostitos jar

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A Salsa And Battery

JUNE 25--In an unprovoked attack, a 7-Eleven customer was injured when a fellow patron threw a glass jar of Tostitos salsa at him with such force that the container broke on the victim’s back, Florida police report.

According to court filings, Le’trail Tresalus, 31, was arrested on a felony battery charge for allegedly striking the victim with the 15.5 ounce jar inside the convenience store in St. Petersburg on Wednesday evening.

The 6’ 2”, 300-pound Tresalus, seen at right, is locked up in the Pinellas County jail in lieu of $4500 bond. In addition to the battery count, he is facing a theft rap for allegedly stealing a Choco Taco ice cream bar from 7-Eleven.

Investigators allege that the man struck with the Tostitos jar suffered a minor laceration and “visible swelling.” A witness, cops noted, saw the attack, which was recorded by a 7-Eleven surveillance camera.

Since Tresalus’s rap sheet includes prior battery and theft convictions, the charges against him were enhanced to felonies. (1 page)