Man Jailed For Threats Against NPR Hosts

FBI: Suspect menaced "All Things Considered" figures


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NPR Death Threats

MARCH 16--A Maine man has been jailed on federal charges that he threatened to kill or harm two of the hosts of “All Things Considered,” the popular National Public Radio news program, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The defendant in custody, John Crosby, was arrested in late-January by FBI agents and named last month in a three-count felony indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Portland. The case against Crosby, 38, has not been publicized by the Department of Justice, nor has it been reported by NPR.

Crosby, whose rap sheet includes separate convictions for robbery and heroin possession, has been held without bail since his January 26 arrest inside a library at the University of Southern Maine, from which he graduated in 2009. During a search of Crosby’s Volvo station wagon following his bust, FBI agents found a shotgun and shells in the vehicle, according to court records.

Crosby, who graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, is pictured above in a United States Marshals Service mug shot taken after his January arrest.

In a filing yesterday, federal prosecutors opposed Crosby’s motion for a temporary release from custody so that he can attend a memorial service for his father. Government lawyers cited Crosby’s “history of violence” and noted that threatening communications he has been charged with sending “indicate that the defendant may suffer from psychiatric problems.”

According to an affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Nathan Jacobs, Crosby sent more than 20 bizarre, and often threatening, messages to NPR via a “Contact Us” form on the organization’s web site. Many of the messages--which were sent during a two-month period ending with Crosby’s arrest--“referenced ‘kikes’ and contained other generalized threats directed toward NPR,” Jacobs noted.

But it was a January 17 message that prompted NPR officials to contact federal investigators. In that communication, Crosby allegedly threatened to kill “All Things Considered” host Melissa Block, whom he described as “an annoying <unt who is helping to destroy me to use me as a human sacrifice. She will be raped, beaten, tortured, and murdered very soon.” Agents traced the threat to an IP associated with a Starbucks location on Congress Street in Portland.

In a January 23 communication sent via the NPR web site, Crosby referred to Guy Raz, the weekend host of “All Things Considered.” The message--purportedly from someone with the e-mail address [email protected] that, “I will remind Mr. Raz that 100 years ago a kike like him would have been hanging from a tree for disrespecting my privacy like that.” Crosby then allegedly added, “If I can make it to DC, I will try to find the kike and take care of business.”

Referring to the messages directed at Block and Raz (who are pictured above), Crosby’s indictment charges him with two counts of “transmitting threatening communications in interstate commerce.” The third charge accuses him of unlawful possession of a firearm.

FBI agents traced many of the NPR threats to IP addresses associated with the University of Southern Maine. Records maintained by the school indicated that the computer used in late-January to send 12 of the communications to NPR “was registered on USM’s network” by Crosby.

After the FBI arrested Crosby and seized his laptop, Agent Christopher Peavey asked him “if he knew why we were there,” Jacobs reported. “Crosby responded, ‘I have been trying to get your attention for a while.” The suspect subsequently asked another agent “whether they had read all of the e-mails he had been sending,” Jacobs noted. (9 pages)

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Want to discuss all the death threats from the union (organized crime) thugs against Republican Congressmen in WI. Why no arrest there? Guess that is OK in your little wet-pantie liberal eyes, right?
You're a kook. Fact.
So true! but let us continue to pray for them, becasue their hate have them so blind they can't see anything else.
Blah! Judging by what we've learned from the perpetrator of the recent violence in Arizona, he's more likley a leftist. He probably watches MSNBC.
The shooter in Arizona was a hardcore right-wing teabagger. He hated Democrats, loved guns, he was pro-Ayn Rand, he was pro-gold, and pro-Thomas Jefferson. He was a classic Faux-watching teabagger and that's a fact.
Bad and wrong information..! He is a confirmed LEFTIST /LIBERAL.. Put bluntly, he was more extreme than most liberals and hated the 'soft' liberals for not being LEFT enough. He probably cried when Obama announced that Gitmo will not be closed and the 'war-mongers' there would not get a civilian trial in NY. And he will spill his guts to get and keep a life sentence (cut down from a death sentence). Tea party members are calm, older people that are demanding a more responsible and better Government. Even surrounded by Union thugs in Chicago and Wisconsin, the Tea party maintained their cool and did not attack them back. They instead used the police to arrest these thugs when they got physical and violent. Cheers
MagnimunXL, stop making up facts. Why do you think the mainstream media and all the Democrat talking heads abruptly stopped accusing Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the AZ shooting? Because as the facts came out, it was clear the shooter was a leftist.
WRONG!! People who knew him said he was very liberal. If you have evidence that he belonged to the tea party or ever supported the tea party movement, or that he ever watched FOX news, please post it.
Heroine user, violent history, anger issues....a liberal by default, besides they're the only ones who would listen to NPR anyway.
Really? Because Rush was an opiate addict, has a history of anger issues and uses violent rhetoric. Beck was also an addict and O'Reily has his anger issues up on youtube for the world to see. You are also forgetting the shotgun in his car..that's a very 2nd amendment thing to do. Seems very in line with libertarian values.
Wow, reaching just a bit, don't you think..! Making addicts out of conservative talk show hosts, now that took some major brain power to come up with. Nice try but it won't work. Why don't you stay on topic or go to some liberal site where your opinion might actually be read. All the conservatives here already know you are an impudent, juvenile-delinquent muck-raker. That is why no one has bothered to even respond to your brainless post until now.
He's smart enough to get a college degree but stupid enough to get his a-- arrested for multiple felonies. Let's see I think I"m going to threaten to kill or hurt sombody today, maybe I wont get arrested if I'M lucky.
And so, when will the FBI arrest the Union people in Wisconsin for MULTIPLE death threats on Governor Walker? 80 year old woman gets her chain yanked for death threats to 'politicians' and the FBI is on the case. Guess the FBI is not concerned with the "Government Union" death threat makers, but wait a minute that is their job, right? I have lost nearly all faith in the US Government, Obama plays golf while Japan needs our help. The imbecile Surgeon General calls for iodine/potassium pills in CA, what an idiot. And let's not forget the PRESS who can smell blood and want the Fed to stop nuclear plant construction in America. And with 50 million 'new' people in the US, forecast by the census, how will the Country generate the electricity required? Again, I have lost almost all faith in the President and our Federal Government. What a shame that Obama sucks at the most powerful job on the planet, ohhhh that's right, he NEVER had a REAL job and knows nothing about running the Government. What a huge mistake to bring this guy into that job, hope you liberals love this hope and change. I believe you should prepare for the pendulum to swing to other way and soon. Cheers.
And so, when will the FBI arrest the teabaggers for MULTIPLE death threats on President Obama?
OR the libs with their Bush death threats..? Why limit yourself..? Let's go with MULTIPLE death threats on Bush. Isn't it amazing how the Libs are really good at forgetting their threats, wonder why. Oh right, their mush-brains are too full of 'screw American business', spending outrageous amounts of money and care for illegal aliens in our Country. They are the worst and their President is on the way OUT. Cheers.
Death threats to President Obama are over 400% more than there were for bush---***400%*** more and you idiots (faux snooze viewers) say this unjustified anger towards Obama has nothing to do with race.
Don't know what their reason is, but I do know that the Government has over-spent, financed many 'too-big-to-fail' companies, is ignoring the Middle East problem, trying to gobble up Healthcare and now hates Israel. Doesn't sound race based, maybe it's religious, just sounds like most Americans are pissed off that this President is such a phony stooge, who does not listen to or respect the wishes of the American People.
You do know that FBI only handles federal issues right? So when someone in Wisconsin threatens someone in Wisconsin is has nothing to do with them right? Because if now you're failing at a VERY important part of how this country works and need to go back to high school government class. You do also know that the power of the President doesn't include sending massive amount of help to other countries right? In fact the president is a pretty weak part of the chain. The congress is WAY more powerful then him. Stop watching Fox News, it's been scientifically proven to make you LESS AWARE of the issues than if you avoid all news all together.
So, this is funny. If what you say is true, why the hell is the FBI involved in death threats to talk-show personalities..? That certainly sounds like a local/State problem. So, from what you have to say, the FBI has no interest in this guy. But, they arrested him ANYWAY. Got a explanation for what the Federal angle is? The FBI is already involved..! Kinda washes the "FBI do Federal protection only" theory out the door. From the official FBI website, I gathered this for you... What they investigate page. Have gander at that and explain why they would not investigate ALL death threats? I read "Death Threats" as Hate crimes, FBI investigates ALL of them. So, go on back to High School, take a couple of Government courses and you will still not learn all the things that the Government has the FBI do. So, I think you completely missed the facts of the responsibility of the FBI. Cheers.
Well, it is obvious that you clearly have not been to a High School government class lately. Check out the top ten Government history books in High Schools across the Nation now. You will find that Mr. Lincoln only receives 2 paragraphs in these books and our great President, Mr. Clinton gets 3 chapters. How cool is that..? The Nation has never had to suffer through a worse personal act by a sitting President. So, how exactly do you think that those kids are going to learn about their Country's real history. And if you were to actually read about the FBI pursuit of "death threats", you would know that all death threats to any Government official are ALL reported to the FBI. The FBI picks and chooses which people to contact, based on their history and level of threat. Sorry, but you have no idea what this Government would allow the FBI to do. And thinking that the FBI is ignoring death threats to a Governor or Politician is pathetic. When you believe the BS the Government tells you then you will suffer the consequences. Cheers.
I think the FBI needs to pay @luvamre a visit. Whoever you are you are TOTALLY deranged. Sounds like you are about ready to climb a clock tower. Best you be institutionalized and SOON.
Hahaha... namseer wants me to visit him in the institution..! As a productive and smart person, I would have to decline, there are too many crazy liberals in there with you. As an American, I understand your desire to stop annoying opinions like mine. Unfortunately for you, I'd put people with the mental disease, liberalism (like you) into Institutions.
"And so, when will the FBI arrest the Union people in Wisconsin for MULTIPLE death threats on Governor Walker?" The FBI can only investigate things that actually happened not the paranoid delusions the right comes up with.
You, like the moron arrested in this article must be a deluded "victim of the war on drugs". This is what happens when you take too many drugs / watch too much garbage on TV; you don't know what is real. Look up on the internet (you know the internet, right?) "death threats Governor Walker" and then make an appointment at the drug abuse clinic before YOU wind up as a headline here at TSG.
@jpeditor: Just because Fox News says something is so, doesn't mean that it's true. I am certain that any legitimate threats to the governor are under investigation by authorities, including the FBI. You're just upset because the insane, over the top things aired on Fox News have not been picked up by the legitimate press and legitimate media outlets. So just calm down. The governor is fine. Find another soapbox to blather your right-wing nonsense on.
Just because NPR/ABC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/NEWSWEEK et al REFUSED to report news does not mean it did not happen. Drudge Report exists because Newsweek refused to report on BJ Clinton getting a Lewinsky. Today's media is refusing to report the threats against Scott Walker just so drones like you will not have to deal with your preconceived notions about the right. That is fine because more people get their news online now than in print so your belief system is coming under attack from online news like blogs etc.
Just because NPR/ABC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC/NEWSWEEK et al REFUSED to report news does not mean it did not happen. Drudge Report exists because Newsweek refused to report on BJ Clinton getting a Lewinsky. Today's media is refusing to report the threats against Scott Walker just so drones like you will not have to deal with your preconceived notions about the right. That is fine because more people get their news online now than in print so your belief system is coming under attack from online news like blogs etc.
It IS true! Your dismissing facts does nothing to dimish the reality that they ARE facts.
Being a US Senator is not ar real job? Being a State legislator is not a real job? Being a College Prof is not a real job? Being a Lawyer is not a real job? Being a Community Organizer is not a real job? Since when? President Obama had 11 yrs as an elected official--that is 8 more than bush had, who I might point out was a failed businessman in the only business he ever had. Obama has kept 85% of his campaign promises in just two short yrs compared to bush at 43% in 8 yrs. While certainly, not agreeing with everything he has done, I am quite pleased with the hope and change I have seen.
Oh my, a government job expert..! How impressive. You must have missed the fact that "community organizer" is not a real job. And congressman is a job? I thought it was a sacrifice to protect the Nation. And do tell me about all the real jobs Obama applied for and was rejected. Tell me about his education and accomplishments in school, ohhhh that's right Obama can't share that information with the People of the United States, because he doesn't "want" to. But he is sure happy spending millions of dollars to protect that information, how quaint. How does a person with that kind of 'experience' get a real job? What with no job history, no school history and a questionable birth certificate. How did Obama even get an American passport without presenting a birth certificate? EVERYONE else has to, why the exemption for Obama.? And since no one actually knows if he has an American passport, it makes for lots of questions. Questions, you liberals do not want asked and especially do not want answered. Ohhh once again, the libs have NO idea what the right thing to do is, as usual... You liberals are all the same, hide in plain view and do nothing to support the Country. When you show me Obama's documents and history, you can be right, until then you are shooting at shadows. And like I care that some life-long socialist politician tries to show off his golf game to the nation. He can't even pitch a baseball and his basketball skill is like his golf game, nothing interesting except for the exhaustive waste of presidential time. Have a great time watching this president continue to screw the Nation by OVER-SPENDING. Another area where Obama has no concept of what is happening. Liberals all want the same thing, control over the rest of us. Not happening, we outnumber you.! Cheers.
The ignorant liberal Progressives put us where we are right now. Now the facts you'll never hear from the Golden Stream media. January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress: At the time: The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77 The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5% The Unemployment rate was 4.6%. George Bush's Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB CREATION! These are facts. The house controls the money. This downward spiral started under the control of the liberal democrats taking over both the senate and the house. Obama, Pelosi and Reid have only made it worse. The Democrats will never be able to fix the economy. There's not enough rich people to tax. Pelosi: 'We Have No Regrets' About Debt Piled Up Over Last Four Years Its no wonder that November 2010 will go down in history as the largest defeat of Democrats in history. Almost 1000 House, Senate, Governors and State (House and Senate) Democrats went down in defeat. The audacity of the third most powerful leader of our country to make a statement like that. Under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi the combined national debt since 2007 is a staggering 5.177 TRILLION DOLLARS.
Well stated, cgent47. Kick these liberal mush-heads to the back of the bus. That's a partial quote from Obama. And of course, liberals did not say a negative word about the racist intent in Obama's "back of the bus" statement. Should a Republican state such a thought, they would be vilified and claims of racism would be trumpeted across the Nation by the limited liberal thinkers. Bush was not perfect, but Obama is an absolute and complete failure. I love to bring up Gitmo (drives the lib crazy). Obama promises to close it and bring all the combatants to NY for trial. NOT happening, proving that Obama has no real experience and no back bone to execute on his promises. I can go on and on, because there are some seriously wrong things about Obama. He has to go. Get out and vote him down and out in 2012. Cheers.
cgent47, looks like you ruffled namseer's feathers...Good Job! They hate facts.
Whoever you are, you are an Internet troll. Your right wing propaganda has NOTHING remotely to do with this story. Your comments should be removed. Take your ramblings over to the Fox News Web site.
What happened namseer? Lost your train of thought..? Did your break end at Mickey Dees? Did you breathe in some radiation from Japan and pass out..? Or your welfare check showed up and you have to run to cash it.? If my opinion and facts are so messed up, you should have no trouble trouncing me. So far, no real challenge. Cheers.
LOSER: namseer.... Can't even maintain a discussion when you LOSE..! Get a life or defend your opinion.
Elvis used to TCB. Hey, I'm just sayin.....