Topless Birthday Joyride Ends With Pair's Bust

Autoerotic encounter turned sour for quarreling duo

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Distracted Driving

FEBRUARY 25--Bryan Delgado-Villatoro will not soon forget his 24th birthday.

After his topless girlfriend provided him with oral and manual favors while they were driving earlier this month, Delgado-Villatoro and Heder Priscilla Cascante-Vargas, 23, began arguing inside their 2010 Toyota as it traveled in Hobe Sound.

According to an arrest affidavit, the tumult inside the vehicle resulted in a crash after the speeding car swerved around another auto. Cascante-Vargas claimed to have been driving when the February 6 crash occurred.

When sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene, Cascante-Vargas (pictured above) was seen slapping her boyfriend in the face and chest as he told her to calm down. Delgado-Villatoro was arrested after allegedly ignoring a series of police orders.

“Why are you arresting him! I am the one that was hitting him, motherfuckers,” Cascante-Vargas reportedly declared before she, too, was handcuffed.

Cascante-Vargas then provided cops with a recap of the couple’s evening. “Cascante-Vargas also stated she was giving Delgado-Villatoro ‘head’ slang term for Fellatio. Cascante-Vargas stated she was also giving Delgado-Villatoro a hand job.”

Noting that it was her boyfriend’s birthday, Cascante-Vargas said she “wanted to look sexy so she took her shirt off while all this was happening.” Cops added, “Cascante-Vargas kept saying that she is a good girl.”

Two witnesses told police that the woman involved in the accident was topless when they approached the crash scene, as first reported by TCPalm’s Will Greenlee.

Court filings show that Cascante-Vargas has been charged with battery and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. Delgado-Villatoro (seen below) is facing a misdemeanor resisting arrest without violence count. The duo, who share a residence in Jupiter, are both free on bond. (2 pages)