Metro Murder Mystery

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The Missing Person

The FBI Background Report

The Worried Wife

The Silent Brother

The Housekeeper and "Hot Water"

The "Surprise!" Ending

People have a way of disappearing in New York City. Some choose to make themselves scarce, perhaps fleeing from the cops, an abusive relationship, or even the bill collector. Think of them as the lucky ones. But others fall victim to foul play, often vanishing without a trace, their lives reduced to a Form 336, the NYPD's missing person report. Michael Pappadio was one of the unlucky ones.

Using police and FBI reports, The Smoking Gun recreates the disappearance of Pappadio, a Bayside, Queens resident. While family members described him as a hard-working Garment Center executive, law enforcement officials saw Mikey in a different, more sinister light.

Pappadio vanished the day before his 67th birthday. While investigators believe they know what happened to him, Pappadio's body has never turned up. Read each document and watch the story unfold.

The Missing Person (1 page)

The FBI Background Report (2 pages)

The Worried Wife (4 pages)

The Silent Brother (2 pages)

The Housekeeper and "Hot Water" (3 pages)

The "Surprise!" Ending (7 pages)