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Michael Douglas Denies Testicle Assault

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Michael Douglas Denies Testicle Assault

A while back, TSG told you about the golf caddy suing Michael Douglas for allegedly hitting him in the privates with an errant tee shot. Well, with the New York federal case now close to trial, a check of court records reveals that Douglas--and several others present at the Elmwood Country Club--have fingered another man as the culprit. And, in deposition testimony, caddy James Parker, who is seeking millions for an accident that cost him a testicle, seemingly didn't help his cause. Parker--who was hit about 90 yards from the tee by a screaming liner--said the wayward shot was struck by a duffer in a beige shirt. Oops! Douglas was in blue, as photos and video from that day reveal. However, the guy everyone says hit Parker--one Mark Dratch--was in a tan sweater (Dratch,too, has testified that he hit the damaging drive).While we feel Parker's pain--well, not really--he probably ID'd the wrong guy. But it surely was an honest mistake--he'd never just sue a celebrity and look for a fat payday. Here are some file excerpts:

Page 1: Blue Douglas mugs with fan pre-accident.

Page 2: A mixed-up color scheme?

Page 3: Ouch: Parker's very "blunt trauma."

Pages 4-14: Deposed Douglas recalls testicle tragedy.