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Modeling Is For Prisoners

Triptych of man with fluid 'do kicks off new mug shot roundup

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Modeling Is For Prisoners

MAY 8--Our weekly mug shot roundup begins with a 30-year-old Floridian whose hairstyle changes dramatically with each arrest (he's been popped three times over the past year, usually for drunk driving).

A few notes on the other suspects: 1) The cool character on page #3 was arrested yesterday in Iowa for violating a protective order; 2) None of the suspects on page #6 were charged with counterfeiting; 3) The Louisiana woman on page #10 was not arrested for hazing-related offenses. The 53-year-old perp was nabbed Sunday on a DWI charge; and 4) The 22-year-old gent on page #17 was busted for drunk driving and fighting. A third charge for those ear lobe piercings would have been in order. (17 pages)