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Woman Busted For Motorcycle Pleasure Session

Half-naked suspect was spotted inside Florida garage


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Motorcycle Pleasure

SEPTEMBER 8--Around 7 PM Saturday, cops in Ormond Beach, Florida received a 911 call from a woman reporting that “a white female in her 30s with a black and white dress was masturbating on a motorcycle.”

According to a charging affidavit, witness Katherine Marriott called police upon returning to her Pine Cone Trail residence with her juvenile son and a male adult. As she arrived home in her car,  Marriott noticed a motorcycle pulled into the garage of a neighboring home.

“A half naked female was sitting backwards” on the motorcycle, Marriott told police, adding that the woman was facing the street. Which allowed Marriott, 39, to note that “the female was half naked, from the waist down and was masturbating.” The woman, she added, was “leaning backwards and her legs were spread apart.”

Another Pine Cone Trail resident, Nicholas McRay, told cops that he also saw the woman masturbating while sitting backwards on the motorcycle. McRay, 45, said that “there was kids around and he yelled at the Defendant to shut the door.” The woman, McRay added, “got up and shut the garage door.”

A subsequent police investigation identified the motorcycle rider as Karen Dilworth. A cop found the 50-year-old inside the garage in question. She was wearing a black and white dress. Dilworth’s ex-husband was inside the residence, but told police that he was unaware of what had allegedly transpired atop the motorcycle.

When questioned by a cop, Dilworth (seen above) denied masturbating inside the garage (or even being on the motorcycle). She claimed to only have been “smoking cigarettes and drinking some beers.” Dilworth, police noted, “appeared to be under the influence.”

Dilworth, a Michigan resident, was arrested on a felony lewd and lascivious exhibition charge since the alleged motorcycle act was seen by Marriott’s 13-year-old son. She was booked into the Volusia County jail, from which she was later released after posting $1000 bond. (2 pages)