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Mugsapalooza LIII

Celebrating one year of our end-of-week booking photo extravaganzas

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Mugsapalooza LIII

JUNE 6--To mark the first anniversary of our weekly mug shot roundup, we kick off today's collection with an arrestee who seems to be wearing her birthday suit.

A few other notes: 1) The young man on page #3 was just nabbed for going a bit berserk at his high school graduation (hence the gown); 2) We're guessing that's a bologna and cheese being gripped by the inmate on page #4; 3) In a heavily meta moment, the perp on page #5 is actually wearing a t-shirt bearing the mug shots of assorted hip-hop stars; and 4) Yes, the respective necks on page #13 are adorned with creepy crawlers. (18 pages)