Naughty Teacher Taught A Lesson

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Naughty Teacher Taught A Lesson

A middle school teacher asked a female student for oral sex, spoke with his class about lewd acts like "tea bagging" and "fish eye," and tried to entice an eighth grader to smoke pot with him, according to police.

Jason Abbott, who was fired last month from his job at East Middle School in Auburn, New York, was charged January 2 with four misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child (the case against Abbott, 28, is based on graphic witness statements made by three of his former female students, copies of which you'll find here).

When cops questioned Abbott about his classroom behavior, he acknowledged some of his revolting behavior, but claimed, "I have never been sexually inappropriate with a female student." The names of Abbott's former students were redacted from the reports by the Auburn Police Department. (5 pages)

Thug caught flushing his arrest file down jail cell toilet.