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Jail For Man In Pink Dildo Domestic Attack

"Career offender" isentenced in sex toy case

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"Limp" Sentence

MAY 6--An ex-con has been convicted of attacking his girlfriend with a pink dildo after she derided him as a “limp dick” in need of Viagra, according to court records.

Steven Nurdin, 38, pleaded no contest Friday to a domestic battery charge stemming from a violent confrontation earlier this year in the Florida residence he shared with the 37-year-old victim.

Seen at right, Nurdin was adjudicated guilty by a County Court judge and sentenced to eight months in jail. He was also fined about $920 and ordered to have no contact with the victim.

Following his January 1 arrest, Nurdin was freed from custody after posting $2500 bond. He was rearrested a month later for violating terms of his pretrial release by repeatedly contacting the victim via text messages, Facebook, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Nurdin pleaded no contest to the violation charge (for which he has been behind bars the last three months). He was fined about $1000 and his jail sentence will run concurrently with the misdemeanor battery case’s punishment.

According to a police report, the victim told cops she was arguing with Nurdin about their relationship when she declared that he needed an erectile dysfunction medication to address his sexual shortcomings.

Nurdin, she said, became irate and retrieved the sex toy from a bedroom shelf and shoved the item into her mouth. He also punched her in the eye, the woman said.

When questioned by cops, Nurdin claimed not to recall wielding the dildo.

Identified as a “career offender” by police, Nurdin was released from state prison in mid-2023 after serving more than 13 years for armed robbery, aggravated assault, and felonious possession of firearms. (2 pages)