Online Dildos and Dildon'ts

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Online Dildos and Dildon'ts

The pornographers at Seattle's Internet Entertainment Group (best known for distributing the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee home movies) recently ran into trouble trying to implement a technological breakthrough in the online smut industry.

Seems that IEG's ingenious "dildocam" raised health concerns with some female performers and Washington's Department of Labor and Industries (whose inspectors usually handle more mundane workplace hazards).

The tale of this communal contraption is told in the following documents (and photo!), which were obtained by TSG viaa Freedom of Information request filed with Washington safety regulators. Since our parents won't let us go to XXX sites, we don't know if IEG has cleared things up and got that cam up and running. Here's what we're packing:

Page 1: Online performers get a heads-up.

Page 2: IEG manager files health complaint.

Page 3: Safety inspectors issue violations.

Page 4: Health questionnaire distributed by state.

Page 5: The dildocam, unveiled.