A Painful Typo

Already suffering, a Miami lawyer hits self below the belt

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A Painful Typo

SEPTEMBER 16--Miami attorney Martin Sandler, already suffering from a herniated disk, is feeling some additional pain this week after submitting a court filing containing a truly unfortunate typo.

Sandler, who is representing a development firm in a civil action in County Court, yesterday sought a trial delay since he is recovering from back surgery.

Along with a doctor's letter (which you'll find here), Sandler submitted a one-page continuance motion to the court referring to his recent operation. And that's where the typo comes in.

We won't spoil it for you, so read the motion here.

Opposing counsel Thomas Rebull told TSG that he felt bad for Sandler and expected the typo to be "scratched out" in an amended filing. (2 pages)