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Phi Beta Slammer

Frat folk, shamrocks, and the eyes have it in mug shot roundup

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Phi Beta Slammer

MARCH 20--The arrestees on the first two pages of this week's mug shot roundup each have a distinctive pair of eyes (both of which will appear to follow you around the room).

As for the other booking photos, a few notes: 1) The young women on page #3 were nabbed for underage drinking on St. Patrick's Day in Savannah, Georgia (which hosts a raucous parade every March 17). Three of the suspects are 19, the other is 18; 2) The gent on page #6 does have arms, which he allegedly used to steal a car; 3) Perps on page #9 are also pledging Phi Beta Slamma; and 4) The beaming 20-year-old Arizonan on page #13 has been arrested three times in the past few months for underage drinking (the right photo was snapped this week). On the bright side, he turns 21 in mid-June, so he'll only have to endure a couple of more arrests before he's legal. (15 pages)