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Postseason Lineups

Salute to baseball playoffs leads off this week's mug shot package

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Postseason Lineups

OCTOBER 10--A quartet of baseball enthusiasts (whose respective teams still have a shot at the World Series) kicks off this postseason edition of our weekly mug shot roundup.

As for some of the other booking photos, a few notes: 1) The nattily dressed perp on page #3 was photographed in connection with a drunk driving case; 2) The arrestee on page #6 was clearly aware of his Miranda rights; 3) Yes, that is a teardrop tattoo on the playa on page #7; 4) The 48-year-old Hannah Montana fan on page #10 was nabbed Monday on trespass and larceny charges; 5) The Floridian on page #11 has been arrested twice in the past two months, most recently on Tuesday when more shorn. He appears to prefer a certain t-shirt when engaging in disorderly conduct; and 6) Yes, that is Cousin It on page #12. (17 pages)