Run Rudolph Run

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Run Rudolph Run

Like most New Yorkers, The Smoking Gun would love to see Rudolph Giuliani, our clammy, pompous mayor, face off against Hillary Clinton for a U.S. Senate seat (if kooky Rudy, of course, hasn't been institutionalized by Election Day).

As a tribute to the crimebuster-with-a-combover, here are a couple of our favorite FBI reports mentioning the Rude Boy (circa his days as a federal prosecutor).

First you'll find a memo describing how Giuliani gave the bureau information about an alleged payoff to then-Governor Mario Cuomo (Rudy's tale also included a retaliatory rubout!). Then, Philadelphia Mafia turncoat Philip Leonetti tells of a claim by New York gangster Bobby Manna that he had a mole inside Rudy's prosecution team. (2 pages)