Sammy "The Bull" Gravano's Tawdry Tales

FBI debriefings with John Gotti's murderous right-hand man

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Sammy "The Bull" Gravano FBI Debriefings

Sure, The Smoking Gun supports the First Amendment. But one thing we can't stomach is the prospect of Mafia mass murderer Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano using homicide as a lucrative career move. Soon, Gravano's own account of his life as John Gotti's right-hand man will be hitting bookstores. But for those readers who feel uneasy about shelling out cash for this bloody tale, The Smoking Gun offers a free alternative: 76 pages of unexpurgated FBI debriefings with this beautician-turned-hit man. And don't worry: these memos contain all the sickness, savagery, and psychopathy of Gravano's tome. You won't miss a single Sammy confession to battery, extortion, and murder. No Bull! Please note that Gravano is referred to as "Cooperating Witness" (CW) in these documents.

Please credit The Smoking Gun if you load these onto your site or use them someplace else. It's nothing personal...just business.

Gravano on bid-rigging (1 page)

Gravano on steel business (2)

Gravano on construction business (1)

Murder of Frank Piccolo (1)

Murder of Frank Fiala (2)

Police payoffs (2)

Murder of Nicholas Mormando (1)

Murder of Roy DeMeo (1)

Murder of Augustus Sclafani (1)

Murder of James Hydell (1)

Murder of Michael DeBatt (1)

Murder of John James Simone (1)

Murder of Robert DiBernardo (3)

Concerns about "Tony Roach" Rampino (1)

Murder of Francesco Oliveri (1)

Murder of Joe Colucci (1)

Murder of Louis Milito (3)

Control of DiBernardo's business (1)

Gambino family hierarchy (2)

Murder of Thomas DeBrizzi (1)

Murder of Paul Castellano & Thomas Bilotti (6)

Gravano on assorted mob business (1)

Gravano on disposal of corpses (1)

Gravano on disposal of guns (1)

Gravano on Joe Watts and friends (1)

Gravano on Edward Lino (1)

Gravano on snitch concerns (3)

Gravano on Connecticut operations (2)

Gravano on Teamsters Local 282 (5)

Gravano on Bronx construction (2)

Gravano on post-Castellano hit gatherings (1)

Genovese family hierarchy (1)

Carting industry (1)

Bonanno family hierarchy (1)

Gravano on FBI mole (1)

Colombo family hierarchy (1)

Gravano on Florida operations (1)

Gravano on New England operations (2)

Gravano on a mob "sit-down" (1)

Gravano on a Gambino loanshark (1)

Murder of Bobby Boriello (2)

Promotion of John Gotti Jr. (1)

Gravano on assorted mob business (1)

Gambino family "solidarity meetings" (1)

Gravano worried about MIA Gotti (1)

John Gotti Jr.'s wedding (1)

Gravano on assorted mob business (1)

Murder of Louis DiBono (2)

Gravano on court fix (1)

Murder of Thomas Spinelli (2)

Gravano on another court fix (1)