Sleazy Rider

Biker gal romped through Pennsylvania town in birthday suit

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Sleazy Rider

AUGUST 2--Meet Lisa Drozdowski.

The 39-year-old Pennsylvania woman is facing several criminal charges as a result of a recent motorcycle ride she enjoyed with a friend, Joseph Gronka, a 39-year-old dentist.

Gronka was driving through the main square in Nanticoke late one night when cops noticed that his passenger, Drozdowski (pictured at left), was completely nude. After a brief pursuit--during which an aggrieved passerby yelled, "Yeah, go get her"--Gronka and Drozdowski were apprehended.

While Gronka was slapped with a disorderly conduct count, a belligerent and boozy Drozdowski got hit with several additional charges. An amusing police criminal complaint details her naked romp and behavior in custody. (2 pages)