Some Car Trouble

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Some Car Trouble

Lindsey Richter - Survivor

1) When the Portage County Sheriff sent us these booking photos of Patrick Marshall, we were hoping they'd show the 37-year-old man dressed the way he was when Wisconsin cops popped him in early September. Alas, the police made him decent. And while we deplore his alleged behavior, you've got to love Marshall's comeback line when cops first demanded ID. (4 pages)

2) With the third installment of TV's "Survivor"debuting tonight (10/11), we're holding out littlehope that one of the cuter contestants, 27-year-old Lindsey Richter, will last long. Because how can we expect her to rough it in Africa when she couldn't even talk her way out of a couple of traffic violations in her Portland, Oregon nabe? As this October 2000 citation notes, a cop watched as she"accelerated through the red light without braking"while driving a Ford Explorer with a lapsed registration. But the best part is Lindsey's apology and lame "explanation." So much for those quick-thinking survival skills. (2 pages)