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Toilet Paper Bandit Sought

Man wipes out convenience store wearing two-ply disguise

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Toilet Paper Bandit Initial Report

APRIL 27--A man who wrapped his head in toilet paper was caught on surveillance video as he calmly pulled off the knifepoint robbery of a Nebraska convenience store Saturday night.

The video shows the unknown robber walking up to Kabredlo's, a Lincoln store, as a clerk was smoking outside. After accompanying the employee back inside, the suspect flashed a knife "and demanded money from the safe," according to investigators. The clerk complied, emptying the safe and a cash register into a bag held by the robber, who police described as a white male, 25 to 33 years old, with "blue eyes and a skinny face."

At one point, when a woman approached the store, the concealed robber locked the front door and "shook his head no," cops reported. The woman left and called 911. After officers responded to the scene, a police dog followed the suspect's scent for a couple of block--locating "some toilet paper on the ground" along the way--before the track went cold. The suspect's toilet paper coverup has, so far, served its purpose. "With that disguise, there isn't much to go on," a Lincoln Police Department spokesperson told TSG. (1 page)

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Ah bummer, it's an old story. I just wanted to say that his trail didn't go cold, it was wiped out!