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Cops: Collegian Dosed Roommate With Toilet Water

Tennessee woman, 20, busted on felony rap

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Toilet Water

OCTOBER 18--A Tennessee collegian poured liquid from the toilet into her dorm roommate’s water bottles, according to police who arrested the student on a felony tampering charge.

As detailed in a court filing, victim Erein Tiller this month told investigators that she recently “observed a decline in her health status consisting of weight loss, appetite suppression, and diarrhea and did not know the reasoning why.”

Tiller eventually learned via Snapchat that her roommate, Tierni Williams, 20, “had been tampering with her water bottles which caused her sickness.” Both women attend Tennessee State University in Nashville.

A police review of video showed Williams (seen above) using a styrofoam cup to retrieve “liquid from a toilet within their bathroom.” Williams then poured the liquid “into the victim’s water bottles which were on her side of the room.” Tiller is pictured at left.

As Williams tampered with the bottles, she offered this narration: “The bitch is gonna get sick from this, and this is some nasty shit.” Williams, a prosecutor added, was “laughing as she transfers the liquid.”

Williams was arrested yesterday on a felony adulteration charge that carries a maximum six-year prison term. Her bond was set at $7500. (1 page)