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Tom Cruise Legal Corner

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Tom Cruise Legal Corner

Cruise "I'm Not Gay" Lawsuit

Today in Tom Cruise litigation news:

1) Responding to her husband's February divorce petition, Nicole Kidman contends that she was pregnant with the actor's baby when he abruptly announced he was filing for divorce--and that Cruise rejected her plea to enter marriage counseling. In a May 2 Los Angeles Superior Court filing, Kidman, who suffered a miscarriage, stated that she was "shocked" when Cruise told her "that he no longer wanted to live with her" only weeks after the couple had celebrated their 10th anniversary. (8 pages)

2) Here's the May 2 lawsuit Cruise filed in Los Angeles against porno actor Chad Slater. Cruise wants $100 million from Slater because the adult entertainer has claimed to have been involved in a "continuing homosexual affair with Tom Cruise and that this affair was discovered by Mr. Cruise's wife, leading to their divorce." The complaint notes that, "Tom Cruise is not and has never been a homosexual." Well, we're glad that rumor has finally been put to rest. (5 pages)

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