Walmart Greeter Gets Tased By Theft Suspect

Victim, 65, had asked to see receipt for 55” TV

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Greeter Stunned

DECEMBER 6--A 65-year-old Walmart greeter was tased after she asked to see a receipt for a 55-inch television that a couple was carrying out of a North Carolina store, cops say.

According to investigators, the employee was attacked after confronting John Davis, 42, and Natasha Hall, 38, as they sought to depart the Indian Trail business Sunday afternoon.

Davis and Hall, seen above, were leaving Walmart without paying for a $498 Vizio TV, according to the Union County Sheriff’s Office. When the Walmart greeter asked to see a receipt, Davis allegedly pulled out a stun gun and tased the woman.

The employee fell to the floor after being struck, but did not suffer significant injuries, according to a police spokesperson who said that the woman eventually returned to work and completed her shift.

Davis and Hall, who fled the scene in a green Nissan Pathfinder, remain at large. When apprehended, they will each face a robbery charge, while Davis will also be hit with an assault with a deadly weapon count. (1 page)