Trouble Ensues When The Molly Hits The Floor

Woman denied owning MDMA that fell from crotch

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Molly Dropping

JUNE 3--A Florida Woman denied ownership of a bag of MDMA that dropped from her crotch right after a “feminine product” fell from the same space, cops say.

Officers responding to a call Saturday afternoon about a disturbance at a Vero Beach residence encountered Kristen Szatmary, 34, seated in a taxi outside the home.

While speaking with Szatmary--who said she had just been in a “verbal disturbance” with her mother--a sheriff’s deputy “observed white powder on her right nostril.” The cop then asked Szatmary to exit the vehicle.

As Szatmary stepped out of the taxi, “a feminine product fell from her shorts followed by a clear bag with a white substance,” according to an arrest affidavit. “It’s not mine,” Szatmary reportedly declared. “I’m supposed to give it to someone.”

The “feminine product,” which is not further described in court filings, appears to have been keeping the baggie in its storage place.

Seen above, Szatmary “advised the white substance was ‘molly,’” reported a deputy, who added that a field test of the substance “provided a positive result for MDMA narcotics.”

Charged with possession of a controlled substance, Szatmary was booked into the county jail on the felony count. She is locked up in lieu of $5000 bond.

Szatmary’s rap sheet includes multiple theft convictions. (2 pages)