Why The Bride Posed For A Mug Shot

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Why The Bride Posed For A Mug Shot

BUSTED: "Real World" star nailed, Bobby Brown gets jailed

AUGUST 25--As you probably recall, TSG reported last week on the arrest of a Connecticut woman who went bonkers at her wedding reception. Turns out the story is better than we thought.

According to this just-released South Windsor Police Services report, 19-year-old bride Adrienne Samen spat on her wedding ring, called a fellow inmate the N-word, and queried cops on how much time she'd serve for "killing a Marine" (Samen's new hubby, a Leatherneck, had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq).

The newlyweds are reportedly now honeymooning, presumably enjoying the peace and quiet missing from their wedding night.

Samen, an 87-pound dynamo, is scheduled to appear in Manchester Superior Court on August 28 to answer misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of peace charges. (2 pages)