Doctor Arrested For Subway Upskirt Videos

Cops: Urologist caught in act on NYC train platform


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Doctor Upskirt

AUGUST 2--An accomplished New York City doctor was arrested Tuesday when cops spotted him taking upskirt videos on a subway platform.

Adam Levinson, 39, was named today in a criminal complaint charging him with unlawful surveillance, a felony. Levinson, a board-certified urologist, is an assistant professor at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Manhattan.

According to the complaint, Levinson, pictured at right, placed a pen that was affixed to a newspaper underneath the skirt of a woman who was standing on a platform in the Union Square train station. The victim was filmed around 5:15 PM, in the midst of rush hour.

The surreptitious filming was observed by a Transit Bureau cop, who seized and examined the pen, which “contained a visual recording device.” After securing a search warrant, investigators determined that the pen camera held “numerous clips in which the defendant recorded underneath said female’s skirt.”

Based on his nine-page curriculum vitae, Levinson does not appear to be your standard upskirt auteur. Along with a host of academic honors, Levinson has co-authored more than two dozen research articles and delivered dozens of abstracts and presentations at medical conferences.

Mount Sinai’s web site describes Levinson’s focus on “applications of robotics and laparoscopy to urology, specifically focused on kidney, adrenal and prostate cancers.”

Levinson’s CV notes that he worked as a volunteer at the Word Trade Center following the September 11 attack and lists his hobbies as skiing, surfing, modern art, and music. No mention of photography, however. (1 page)