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En Route To Rehab, Woman Disrupts Flight

Cops: "Vodka beverages" enraged tipsy passenger

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Flyer Drunk, Disorderly

JUNE 6--A woman en route to a Florida rehab facility allegedly disrupted a Spirit Airlines flight after consuming “vodka beverages,” police allege.

Heather Lynn Dykman, 40, was traveling Tuesday from Baltimore to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport when the trouble began on Flight 443, according to a Broward County Sheriff’s Office report.

A flight attendant told deputies that Dykman had been served “two vodka beverages” and that it appeared that the 40-year-old passenger “was becoming intoxicated.” So the airline employee “refused to serve her further alcoholic beverages,” investigators noted.

After being cut off, Dykman, a Rockville, Maryland resident, “became very angry and yelling, using profanity and disturbing the operation of the flight,” the report notes. While demanding more booze, Dykman left her seat and went to a galley area, where she yelled, “Stop sending your house nigger to do the messages for you.”

Warned that she was violating Federal Aviation Administration regulations, Dykman (seen above) allegedly did not relent, and “continued yelling, making racial slurs, cursing and making obscene gestures (extending her middle finger) to the crew during the entirety of the flight.”

Upon landing, Dykman continued her tirade when confronted by deputies who met the flight. She was arrested after continuing to use “profanity and racial slurs in front of approximately 300 passengers in the concourse.”

Charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, Dykman was booked into the Broward County jail. During a video arraignment yesterday, she told a judge that, “I came down for a 30-day rehab program.”

Dykman was later released from custody after posting $250 bond. Judge John Hurley ordered her to not consume alcohol while on pretrial release and to stay off Spirit Airlines flights. (2 pages)