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The Sad, Sad Tale Of A "Very Clean" White Girl

"Thoroughbred" can't talk way out of charges

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"White Girl" Bust

AUGUST 8--After getting collared early Saturday for drunk driving, speeding, and pot possession, Lauren Cutshaw gave South Carolina cops a list of reasons why she should not face charges.

The 32-year-old Cutshaw, according to a Bluffton Police Department report, explained that:

  • She had “perfect grades" her whole life
  • She graduated from a “high accredited university”
  • She was a sorority girl
  • She was a National Honors Society member
  • She was "on honor roll"
  • She was a dancer
  • Her business partner is a cop
  • She once was a cheerleader

And, if those were not convincing enough reasons to let her walk on multiple misdemeanor charges, Cutshaw closed with these classics:

When a cop asked "what that had to do with anything," Cutshaw reportedly replied, “You’re a cop, you should know what that means.” She added, "You're a cop, you should know based on the people that come in this room."

In dash cam footage released by police, as Cutshaw was being driven to jail, she told a cop she was a “valedictorian” who “went to a good school, graduated with a 3.8.” She also spoke of receiving a scholarship, having never been previously arrested, and being a “4.0 student” and an “All-American cheerleader.” She also told of her apprehension about getting locked up: “I don’t wanna know what it’s like. I’m a pretty girl. Please don’t make me go in there.”    

Pictured above, Cutshaw, a real estate agent, still ended up in handcuffs despite her bizarre pitch for freedom. Cutshaw, who claimed to have only consumed two glasses of wine, registered a .18 on a breathalyzer test (more than twice the legal limit).

Cutshaw, who lives in Bluffton, a town 10 miles from Hilton Head, was released from the Beaufort County jail Saturday afternoon. She is next scheduled to appear in court on October 30. (2 pages)