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Google Cops To "Street View" Trespassing

But court consent judgment only costs search titan $1

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"Street View" Judgment

DECEMBER 2--Google has admitted that it trespassed on the property of a Pittsburgh-area family when one of its “Street View” cars photographed their home, but the search giant is only paying damages of $1 for its online intrusion.

Google agreed to a consent judgment with Aaron and Christine Boring, who sued the company in April 2008 for posting “Street View” photos of their home. The Borings accused Google of an "intentional and/or grossly reckless invasion" of their privacy since they live on a street that is "clearly marked with a 'Private Road’ sign.”

The consent judgment, which today was signed off by federal Judge Cathy Bissom, can be seen here. While Google succeeded in having the majority of the Borings’s lawsuit dismissed over the course of the litigation, the couple’s trespass claim survived legal challenge.

In agreeing to a judgment in favor of the Borings on the trespass claims, Google consented to “nominal damages of $1,” according to the court filing. Despite the miniscule award, the Borings’s lawyer, Gregg Zegarelli, characterized the judgment as a victory since Google has been formally adjudicated as a trespasser. Additionally, Zegarelli said that the case’s outcome would make it easier for other individuals to pursue similar actions against the search firm.

As seen in these photos, a “Street View” car drove down a private road and recorded images of the Boring home, including the family’s backyard and swimming pool. Those photos were removed from Google in the wake of the couple’s federal lawsuit. Today, a viewer is not offered the option of getting a glimpse down Oakridge Lane. (2 pages)

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Lol @ The "Boring Home." It sure does look pretty Boring.
So- which Out Building is the Chop Shop and which is the Meth Lab?
Hopefully they invested their $1 into lawn seed! Are they are members of an obscure anti landscaping cult?!?
I wish TSG would have shown the fourth picture of the guy playing his banjo while his wife mowed the lawn w/a goat. BTW: You can't shoot at somebody for trespass; there are thousands of cases as precedent that would result in criminal charges. This isn't 1880...stop w/the feigned outrage.
If my yard looked like that, I'd be embarrassed and sue too.
are you for real?????? I can get more info off the assessment page:
It's a good thing It wasn't my driveway, and I was at home, because that thing would have been shot full of holes ! EVERYONE is invading our privacy now, and MOST people just take it as a fact of life. I DON'T !!!
I don't know why they were so upset about "Boring" photos.
Pretty funny considering I can view their house and pool on google maps. Ops the cats out of the bag. Hope they don't sue me next!