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Cops: Mom Drove With Son, 13, On Car Hood

Woman faces abuse rap after boy fell off Dodge

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Boy On Car Hood

APRIL 21--A Florida woman is facing a child abuse charge after allegedly driving her car with her 13-year-old son clinging to the vehicle’s hood, police report.

According to Port St. Lucie cops, Bridget Garcia, 32, quarreled last night with her son after she took away his phone.

The boy was also upset that Garcia (seen at right) planned to leave him at the family’s residence while she went out with her three other children.

In an attempt to keep his mother from driving away, the teen jumped on the hood of Garcia’s Dodge (pictured below).

Instead of staying put, Garcia told police that she drove about 200 feet in reverse with her child atop the car. She then drove the car forward 200 feet.

But when Garcia braked in front of the residence, her son fell off the auto. The boy, cops reported, suffered “pain to his right hip and flank” and abrasions to his right knee and right foot. Garcia told police that she dialed 911 when she realized that her son was hurt.

Garcia, the boy, and two of his siblings were interviewed by police at Port St. Lucie’s Tradition Medical Center, where the child was treated for his injuries.

Garcia was arrested at the hospital and later booked into the county jail. Court records show that her rap sheet includes a misdemeanor battery conviction, and two other battery arrests. (1 page)