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Denture Battle Leaves Dentist In Braces

Woman, 85, battered during bizarre false teeth tussle


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Denture Fight

MAY 25--A Florida dentist is facing assault and battery charges after he allegedly tussled yesterday with an 85-year-old patient over her dentures, police report.

According to cops, Michael Hammonds, 57, was attempting to adjust Virginia Graham’s “lower partial dentures” when the senior citizen “began screaming” due to pain caused by the ill-fitting false teeth.

“Graham removed the partials from her mouth and threw them at Hammonds, which he caught,” according to a Volusia County Sheriff’s Office report.

When Hammonds refused Graham’s demand for a $900 refund, she tried to snatch the dentures from the dentist’s hand, prompting a “brief tug-of-war.” At that point, “Graham then bent down and bit Hammonds hand forcing him to let go of the partial.”

Graham then got out of the operating chair and sought to leave Hammonds’s Deltona office. But the dentist “got in her face and began screaming at her, causing her to fear that he would potentially cause her harm,” investigators reported. Graham told deputies that Hammonds physically kept her from leaving his office. She “made one final attempt to leave by trying to climb over the receptionist desk and out the receptionists window,” but abandoned that bid in order to avoid injury.

Sheriff’s deputies observed “multiple bruising” on Graham’s upper arms and forearms, and her “left upper arm was bleeding due to her skin tearing when Hammonds grabbed her arm.” Graham is pictured at left during an interview with Orlando news station WESH.

Investigators--citing the “totality of the circumstances of Graham being 85 years of age” and “Hammonds depriving her the free will” to leave the office--arrested the dentist on a variety of felony charges, including assault, battery, and false imprisonment.

Hammonds was booked yesterday afternoon into the Volusia County jail, and later released after posting $4000 bond. Pictured in the above mug shot, Hammonds was apparently still in his green scrubs when he posed for a booking photo. (2 pages)

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She threw her dentures and then bit him with her other plate of dentures, yet she was not arrested. Dirtbags like her come in all ages and races and should be locked up.
Word to the wise.....if you anger someone on the left enough with opposing views, you'll find your computer blocked from posting on this website. It happened to Loveourvets. And it's not just this website, it's happening all over the internet. This should be a wake up call to what's becoming of this country. Yet, the left can say anything they want about the right no matter how nasty or insulting. If that's the only way the left can win at the polls, then that's really pathetic.
Oh, and I think it's just bigots and racism that get people banned rather than political views, otherwise she would have a court case.
Is Loveouvets gone? PRAISE BE THE LORD!!
Here is my political view, "Left, Left, Left-Right, Left. My pants are dirty my boots are tight, my Balls are swinging left to right. Left, left, left-right, left.
The elderly at times can be a pain in the arse but come on dude...
Do farts have lumps, otherwise I think I just pooped in my pants.
You see what happens when the DEMOCRATS are in office... the whole world turns into a fascicle sit com. I hope they both learn the error of their ways and vote for Palin in the next election, they'll be much better off with the Republicans in office - they'd sort this type of behaviour out!
This is clearly a climate change issue.
You people that keep saying this has anything to do with which party is in office are a bunch of kooks. Obviously incident is fallout from the unrest in the Middle East, plain and simple.
Are you crazy!?!?! It's because of the Kosovo conflict.
Now THIS is a story people can sink their teeth into.
Hey old lady, don't you go dying on me now.
My father was a dentist for nearly 50 years and one of the toughest things he did was correctly fit dentures. He told me years ago that you could not withhold dentures or appliances from a patient for refusing to pay because once they were placed in the patient's mouth, they legally belonged to the patient. They were "part of the patient" hence, their property. If this is correct, then the dentist, based on this article is in the wrong. False imprisonment, quite likely! In my view, he's in serious trouble and better find himself a good lawyer. He'll need it!
Read the article, she threw the denture plate at him, it was not in her mouth. He had every right to detain this wacko witch, but it is clear that these Obama cops thought the dentist was easier to deal with.
Where was the nurse? Everytime I am at the dentist there is a nurse, where was the nurse?
This is ALL Republicans fault. If it wasn't for them, there'd be a lot less violence. That dumbass Bush & his merry band of robber barons had the world sewn up, until it came to light that no-one would EVER vote for them, not even the clinically-deranged ones. As for those nutters who are terminally retarded, I've some "Vote Palin/Hitler for the Winning Team" bumper stickers for sale
I hope this meant to be ironic. Because I am no lover of Republicans lately, especially Bush, but what the hell are you trying to say?
I hope she chokes to death on her dentures and an autopsy reveals her dentures were ill fitting as the cause
Just wait until you get to be that age and we'll see how much compassion the average person has for you!
Come on people. Turn this simple vanilla crime into a reason to post your political views which really won't make one bit of difference or even change a thing.
typical Obama Voter. we'r losing our country to these folk
Not everything has to do with Dem vs Rep. This story has nothing to do with bipartisan politics. No wonder only 30% of citizens actually vote, it's because they're probably sick of every single topic becoming a 2-sided political discussion between the spoiled, educated democrats and the rich, big-game-hunting republicans.
If I'm attacked(bit) don't I have the right to defend myself. the woman may have been old, but this somehow relieves her of any responsibility for her actions, ie, isn't she old enough to know better. The old bitch should be the one charged.
At least this guy didn't masturbate in a car, on a plane nor groped any female parts....thank goodness we're finally back to reading about simple assault and battery stories....
Yeah, this was a vanilla crime. Entertaining but nothing to get riled up over.
Biting Hammonds did nothing to escalate the situation and was absolutely not assault. Haul the old bag in and let her rot in jail..
Obviously you didn't read the article, the little old lady didn't have her teeth in when she allegedly bit the dentist. She used her gums! Sorry, no cigar!
They were "partial dentures" so she still had some of her own teeth with which to bite the dentist! And I thought you said a family member was a dentist! You should know the difference between a partial and a complete denture.